Thursday, January 21, 2021

Walk into the weather

Ahead of the inauguration of a person who appears to be sane, we went for a walk. It was a cold day but we needed a horizon. In New York, there's usually something between you and the horizon. Not at Breezy Point. 

The tide was out.

Flocks of sanderling were very busy, probing the wet sand with their clever beaks.

We used our much-less clever beaks to eat smoked salmon sandwiches (in the car!). I had committed the bread baker's cardinal sin of slicing into my sourdough while it was still warm from the oven. (Don't tell.) But life is short. So I sliced.

The sandwiches were seasoned with fresh field garlic, finger lime (from our little windowsill tree), and spread with cream cheese.

And now we can breathe, again. 


Forage, Harvest, Feast



  1. Sometimes it takes a far horizon and a good dose of sea air to help us feel right again doesn't it.

  2. Thank you for those beautiful pictures and the reminder. Life is short, indeed.

  3. I was about to tell you to breathe but you beat me to it. Is salt sprinkled on top?

  4. Wonderful scenery! The sandwiches look scrumptious. And yes, we can all breathe freely again.



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