Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January Tramp

January Tramp
Prospect Park
17 January 2021
12pm - 2pm

It may be January but the weather has been relatively mild and there is lots to see in the winter woods, wastelands, and fields. And Prospect Park checks each of those environmental boxes. 

After 10 months of pandemic this popular park is more worn around the edges than it has been before, but it offers what is always has: a chance to see, recognize, and learn about the many edible plants and mushrooms that surround us in the Northeast, from indigenous shrubs to invasive weeds to ornamental trees planted for beauty - but that also hold edible secrets in their branches, leaves and buds. And there may be winter mushrooms. We will talk about where to look and what they like, and why.

Our January tramp will take a us over lawns, under evergreens, past dead logs, and over leaf-littered floors where optimistic snowdrops grow. Come prepared for a proper walk. The faster we move the warmer we'll be. We will stop when our masks begin to suck to our faces. 

At the end the reward is a steaming hot toddy, perfumed with fir, juniper, and spicebush. And there will be a light snack. 

If you have credit from a canceled walk in early pandemic days, please email me at myviljoen (at) gmail (dot) com to reserve your spot. Otherwise please visit the PayPal button to pay and book.

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