Monday, August 24, 2020

Sorry, August

It's never a good idea to say out loud that sweaty August is behaving like deliciously clear September. It'll turn on you. And it did. 

The humidity is back and so is the central air (one of the many thing we love about this apartment - I remember how we used to boil in Cobble Hill unless the giant wall unit roared at us all day). 

But suppers are still outdoors on the terrace. As they were then. What is it about eating outside that makes everything taste and look and feel better?

And peaches are still in season. So into the cold wine they go. 

Stay tuned for some forage walk news - I'll be teaching a fall class at the recently re-opened New York Botanical Garden. It will be 100% outdoors, to fit their pandemic protocol. 


Forage, Harvest Feast - on sale


  1. Thank you for the sale link. It's been on my to-buy list and seeing it on sale was huge help.

  2. I just ordered your book, "66 Square Feet." Learned about it in the "Better Homes & Garden" September issue a friend gave me. I can really relate. I have been a container gardener for decades. I live in an apartment in Florida. I had to get rid of my "children" (my beloved plants) my last move. Could only take a few as I thought the limited space wouldn't allow me to have many plants. However, I have added around 50 plants. Many potted but some not. I inspired other residents to get into gardening as well. And now our complex looks happy and loved with all the plants we have added. Can't wait to receive your book. I love to use my herbs and tomatoes as well. Such a feeling of accomplishment to cook with what you have raised successfully.

    1. Hello, and thank you! I am so glad to hear that you could expand your collection of plants again, and that other residents have been inspired to garden. Congratulations!

    2. I just received your book. Before I opened the package, I thought it was something else. So happy it was your book. Enjoyed your intro. Gonna Google Elizabeth David. One of my favorite sentences so far is where you refer to the blue sky and its enormous presence: "It is the illusion of limitlessness that makes our life in such a small space possible." Thank goodness for the outdoors. However, it has been so terribly hot and humid here in Florida that I have retreated indoors. In October, it will slowly start to transition into somewhat tolerable weather and I can come out and play with my plants again. In the meantime, I will enjoy reading your book indoors in the fabulous air conditioning.


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