Friday, August 16, 2019

Evening on the terrace

Hibiscus in the late light on the terrace. Sharing quarters with shiso and echinacea, and a Thai lime as a neighbor. Very cosmopolitan, like the surrounding city. Different cultures and ethnicities, all getting along without killing one another. Mostly. 

The satellite flowers of the hibiscus swivel gently with the sun.

Also as the sun sinks, fire time. Remember to grill your peaches. These were easily some of the (maybe the) best peaches I have ever tasted (from Kernan Farms at the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket). The heat warms the sugar and caramelizes them a little. A light flick of salt and a squeeze of lemon give you a perfect companion for some juicy ribs.



  1. "The satellite flowers of the hibiscus swivel gently with the sun." Love this sentence and your writing in general. - Ann

  2. Yum - I'll have to try grilling peaches before the season is over! Where did you find your fire pit and grill top? It looks like just the right size for us.


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