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About my Walks

Every season I lead walks in the green spaces that surround us. While my focus is on edible plants, my goal on these walks is to hone the senses to all the botanical details beneath our feet, so that we see the place where we live with newly appreciative eyes and an expanded sense of context. Every season - every month - offers a unique opportunity to learn more about how to notice nature, especially in places where we do not expect to find it.These experiences are not limited to plants, either: our parks and wild areas, even our local city blocks, offer us an immersive opportunity to breathe out, and relax. If we pay attention. Call it forage bathing.

All plants - not just edible - are part of our mobile discussion. We discuss the do's and don't's of foraging, urban and rural pollution issues, sustainability, the relationship between invasive plants and natives, and the real problems of commercial overharvest of native wild plants, all tying in to my approach of conservation foraging. We learn about what parts of plants are safe to eat, and why. And we talk about culinary ideas and techniques for unfamiliar ingredients.

And we always end with a shared, wild-inspired tasting picnic featuring several courses of seasonal ingredients, tailored to your dietary preferences (like vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free).

I keep groups small, personal, and low-impact. It is not unusual for new friendships to be forged over the course of a walk.

Walks require a moderate fitness level and the ability to walk one-to-three miles in two hours. If you need to move more slowly we can arrange a walk for your needs, and wheelchair-friendly walks are also available by prior arrangement.

Ways to Walk and Talk

Public Walks - Walks are listed on this page seasonally, below.
Private Walks - From 1 to 15 people, for friends, kitchen teams, corporate teams.
Gift Walks - Give a wild foods walk with picnic as a gift.
Plant Identification and Education - I assess your land or garden.
Talks, Classes, Consulation - I offer lectures, workshops, tastings, mixology and menu creation, specialising in wild and unfamiliar flavors.

Walk Perks

Frequent Walker Miles - for every five walks you book, the sixth is free.

Cancellation Policy 

Credit is issued for cancellations up to three days before a walk
For cancellations after three days you are welcome to send a guest in your place
Bad-weather cancellations mean credit towards any future walk

Scheduled Walks

Native Flavor - sold out
Columbia Street and Brooklyn Bridge Park
21 July 2019
11am - 1pm

Join me for a plant identification stroll with spectacular views and sea breezes in Brooklyn's most interesting park and waterfront. This sprawling space encompasses a streetscape and series of piers over the East River rehabilitated to accommodate distinct landscapes with plant palettes that reflect meadow, shoreline, woodland and bog environments. Before picnicking we will identify the North American plants that could easily be incorporated into our gardens and kitchens: Think bayberry,  bergamot, golden rod, sumac, sassafras, spicebush, sweetfern. And more!

Meet up details will be emailed to you in the week of the walk. Public transport is via subways Clark Street (2/3), High Street (A/C), and York (F).  and the ferry to Pier 6.

FULLY BOOKED (please email me to be added to wait list)

Wild Jamaica Bay
Dead Horse Bay and Floyd Bennett Field
28 July 2019
11.30am - 2.30pm

It's too sticky to be stuck in the sweating city. Catch some sea breezes and open spaces on the edge of Jamaica Bay, but far enough from the packed bodies of the summer Rockaways to still feel alone among the millions. Summer's edibles - native and invasive - are in full swing, and we will hunt them as well as the interesting detritus of Bottle Beach - our walk is timed for low tide.

Our wild inspired picnic of seasonal treats will feature the plants we have just seen.

More details upon sign up!

Forest Park
11 August 2019
12pm - 2.30pm

In the middle of the steaming summer city is a green oasis where trees grow like green cathedrals. Come and explore the wild and leafy heart of Queens (and meet the oldest white pines in New York City). We will discover international edible weeds of ill repute as well as naive plants that offer unique flavor. And maybe mushrooms if the weather gods are feeling generous. Our shared tasting picnic, which we enjoy after our walk, will feature the flavors of the seasonal plants we have just seen.

The nearest subway is the J to 11th Street Queens, a 10 minute walk away.

More details will be emailed to you in the week of the walk.

Maritime Botanicals
Governor's Island
18 August 2019
12pm - 2pm

Catch a (free) ferry and cooling sea breezes on a ride across the waves of New York Harbor to petite Governor's Island. Diverse habitats - wild, cultivated, landscaped - offer an abundance of botanical interest. Native plants share space on the newly sculpted 70-foot hills with invasive edible plants, and we will discuss their relationship with one another, with us, and their environment. We will learn how to identify them all, talk about how to use them in our kitchens, and how, and why, to grow them, where appropriate. Our wild-inspired tasting picnic will be be enjoyed with spectacular views over the water.

The ferry leaves from Manhattan's southern tip and from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park every 20 minutes or so. Before 12pm it is free.

More information will be emailed to you in the week of the walk.

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