Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Forage, Harvest, Feast

Forage, Harvest, Feast, has a cover! And you may now pre-order it on Amazon. It is wonderful to have a visual reference at last for the reams and reams of pages, and the very long and intense process that is the making of a real book on real paper. And the publish date is August 26th, with pre-ordering beginning some weeks, earlier.

The cover features one of the simplest recipes in the pages of Forage, Harvest, Feast - a spicy couscous salad with mid-spring fixings: sweet, crunchy black locust blossoms (Robinia pseudoacacia - native to North America and abundant in Europe, where it is called acacia; I have even seen it in bloom in Cape Town) and tart greenbriar (Smilax rotundifolia) shoots. Both plants occur all over New York (we will spot greenbriar on April 22nd's Inwood Hill Park walk - there are a few spots left).

You can read more about the book and what to expect from its 485-ish recipes on the Forage, Harvest, Feast website (a work in progress that will soon be a fully fledged wild foods site).


  1. Congratulations Marie! I can't wait to buy my copy.

  2. It is so beautiful, Marie. And 485-ish!!?? That is truly a feat. I cannot wait to have a copy in-hand. <3

  3. Leslie in OregonApril 5, 2018 at 3:06 AM

    An enticing cover...well done!

  4. Congrats! A veritable achievement! -Ann


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