Friday, April 20, 2018

Bowl of sunshine

I spent some hours in the woods of Brooklyn. Trees, buds, birds. Forest bathing is a new term for an old thing: immersing yourself in nature to heal.

In New York, with all its steel and concrete, it is always possible to find a quiet and wild spot where you see few humans, more birds, and lots of plants. The trees are thinking about leafing out, but are still bare. Buds are breaking. Early cherries are in bloom. So are lovely Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica). And lesser celandine (Ficaria verna) is rioting across woodland floors. It is very pretty but destructively invasive, making life impossible for less aggressive native plants. So I picked a huge bunch with a conveniently clear conscience.

The presence of hermit thrushes and flycatchers, warblers and robins, and ever-present chattering blue jays and cardinals was constant and companionable.

I cycled home much happier than I had left.

Some of the lesser celandine flowers will become bright ice cubes for our Backyard Cocktails gathering this Tuesday, and others will help fill rice wrappered summer rolls for this Sunday's fully booked walk in Inwood, which I am looking forward to very much. There will be new people to meet, as well as returning friends, and we will all share a green New York adventure.

Thank you spring, for arriving. You took your time.


  1. Still waiting here in Vermont. Flurries every day here in the “higher elevations” and so dreadfully grey. The robins have arrived, but their worms are still no where to be seen. Sunshine and above zero temperatures are expected today. We shall be outside, dancing with relief. In the meantime your bowl of yellow is a sight for sore eyes!

  2. We're still waiting in Colorado too. Spring has been flirting with us, but not seriously committing yet. The ice cubes sound pretty. I made similar ones last year using the volunteer violas from the garden. They do dress up a cocktail glass!

    1. You must not be in Denver or Boulder? We've had 5 gorgeous sunny days to every 2 grey or rainy. Besides, if you've lived here a while, you know the drill: "But we NEED the moisture!" Right? It was 66 here in 80231 yesterday & due for same tomorrow. I've already started planting. Cheers, Diane in SE Denver.

  3. Sheer poetry, dear Marie! And so appreciated.
    My young teen grandson & his Mum, a medical Doc who does her field work in Uganda & Kenya, are on their way to Harare for meetings. They're on a huge plane flying directly to J'berg now & I'm thinking of you.
    Say Hello to Inwood & wave to Wash / Hudson Heights for me. Looking forward to your photos of the foraging walk.
    Thanks for the gorgeous words, Marie.
    As ever, appreciatively, Diane in Denver


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