Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The scrambled season

I am a fool for tulips in late fall. I know it contradicts my seasonally appropriate life, but I never claimed to be a fundamentalist. They reappear now, in the cool weather, in bunches outside bodegas and delis. The ones here were a birthday gift from the Frenchman. As was the shiny new espresso pot on the right of the stove. You can never have too many espresso pots. We both fell in love with this Alessi model when we spent a September weekend upstate with friends.

I am still drying persimmons, hoshigaki style. 

These are the American persimmons I foraged recently, just peeled, and hanging in our sunny southern windows, with the Thai limes. They are small and dry fast, and I have the rounded 'Fuyus' and 'Hashiyas' (pointy bottoms) for comparison, in the other window. They take much longer.

Otherwise, there are mushrooms to clean and process and cook and test in recipes, a fresh haul of acorns, another batch of persimmons, gardens to design, stories to write, a house to clean and a garden to put to bed.

I think I just panicked.

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