Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Central Park Forage Walk

North Woods, Central Park
23 April 2016
1pm - 3pm

Late April is one of the most beautiful times of the year in New York's most famous park.

The northern wooded and wild part of Central Park park is home to invasive and native plants, many of which are edible.

We'll spot the destructive but delectable Japanese knotweed, an edible invader that has begun to make a shy appearance at farmers markets. But I have yet to see fat bundles of the juiciest, fattest, earliest shoots on sale in April. That will change.

In this very mixed up spring we will also encounter spring greens like dandelions, garlic mustard, dead nettle, and perhaps even early pokeweed and greenbriar, as well as indigenous plants such as spicebush and sumac, and a traditional Japanese mountain vegetable (hint, above).

Come along to learn to identify the edible and woodland plants that surround us, as well as the ethics of what to gather, what not, and why.

This walk is a ramble with gentle hills and dales, and a final steep climb to our picnic.

We meet at 12.55pm  at 110th Street and Lenox Avenue, the SW corner under the gingko tree.

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