Monday, October 12, 2015

The hunting month

Weird, yes?

Calvatia gigantea - giant puffballs, picked before quite giantish, in Brooklyn. Their cooked texture may be an acquired taste, but I like it. You peel them first, and they cook to something like firm tofu. Excellent sops for flavor.

We had mushrooms on toast last night: one of these, and a portion of the 8lbs of hen of the woods I brought home.

It was a beautiful day out with enough provisions for several meals and recipe testing.

Some maples have begun to turn.

Ohio buckeye - Aesculus glabra

Buckeyes look delicious, but are not.

Aronia (chokeberry)  - above -  must be very ripe to collect, and I wouldn't, here. 

Horses, from a mushroom hunter's perspective.

A puffball, above.

And a lovely hen (of the woods), a.k.a. maitake, Grifola frondosa


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