Monday, October 19, 2015

Brooklyn's wild foods

We had a fantastic forage walk in Prospect Park on Saturday, in the first real chill of October. 

A lovely bunch of people attended - from New Yorker South Africans to native Rhode Islanders and Upper East Siders, a strong Brooklyn contingent and a very enthusiastic and interested 8-year old - Scout - below, who was appointed the official puffball-fetcher. At the beginning of the walk she pronounced, I don't like mushrooms. By the end she was knocking back shots of hot hen of the woods soup, calling it "delicious." Also a fan of the rosehip jam and barberry bread.

So I was happy.

And I think everyone who wanted a puffball got one.

Lots of hawthorns in fruit, a native Sichuan/Szechuan pepper tree (Xanthoxylum americanum - the Chinese species are simulans and piperitum), lambs quarter seeds, plenty of pokeweed and elderberry bushes (for spring), and a lot inbetween.

The next walk is November 15 in Central Park's Ramble. 



  1. Sounds so wonderful, and delicious! If only there wasn't an entire ocean between me and your forage walks...

  2. When are you going to come up to the Catskill Mountains for a forage? Imagine what you could find!!

    1. We were there on Sunday! Found mushrooms. But I am always looking for private land and friendly owners :-)


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