Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring in the hood

East 125th Street at Madison. 

Madison Avenue, looking south.

And Marcus Garvey Park. I climb the rock every now and then but the top is blocked off right now while paths and the clock tower are being renovated. I sometimes meet trios of cops walking down, And at the top are the solitary men. The park's lower regions are widely populated by cross sections of Harlemites, from kids and nannies to homeless people, to chess players, to geezers with stories, to basketball teenagers. Whereas the top is no person's land. Unless you are me, or the solitary men, or a cop.


  1. So happy to see the daffodils blooming in Marcus Garvey! We were able to give the park's volunteer organization thousands of bulbs last fall through the program I run, and it looks like they are blooming beautifully.


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