Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Central Park in spring

I wish I could press Pause on this part of spring.

This is perfect.

Above, North Woods' tree architecture with a suggestion of fresh green.

Beneath the trees, an indigenous bluebell wood: Mertensia virginica, being stalked by yellow lesser celandine, which never gives up.

The ball fields are populated.

The hill above the Conservatory Garden is pale green.

There are violets in the grass.

And the magnolias are in peak bloom.

The outer circles of the English garden here are filled with perennials in spring (and summer).

And while the blocks of bulbs are very springy, they are stiffly alarming to me. I prefer the looser summer iteration of these beds.

                      The Berberis julianae hedge is pretending to be a holly and vibrating with bees.

In the Italian garden the spirea is engulfing a lamp post...

...and there is just one visitor to the only beach in Harlem.


  1. Spring is in a full tilt rush here. The daffs and tulips have bloomed and gone as have the cherry trees. Alliums, peonies and lilies are well up. Now to get the veggies planted....eek I'm behind again.

  2. It looks perfect! I'll be there in two weeks so ask it to kindly stay just like that, OK? ;)

    1. You m i g h t be there/here in time for the tail end of the crabapple avenues in the Conservatory Garden. And definitely for the wisteria.

  3. The spirea photo is breathtaking! These bring back such good memories of our visit to your fair city a few years ago, including a certain lunch ...

    Hope all is well in your terrace, and that you will garden tomorrow fully clothed... as will i.


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