Monday, January 12, 2015

Walk in the hood woods

Late in the afternoon, I went for a Saturday walk. It was very cold. Cashmere T-shirt plus cashmere pullover plus cashmere hoodie plus thick merino wool cable knit turtleneck plus long coat plus hood of hoodie under cashmere hat cold. Plus scarf-like-a-blanket (yes, more cashmere).


Did I mention the knitted leggings under the jeans? For a South African that is Serious dressing.

The woods were empty. I crunched around for an hour.

Then I crunched back home. 


  1. it's been crunchy cold here too ! crisp & crunchy xo S + gang

  2. Bravo to you for doing what you had to do in (piling on the layers) order to be able to spend time outside in the cold. What a beautiful winter sky was over you as you walked. Where are the woods that are pictured? Warmly, Leslie


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