Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blizzard in the hood

Our blizzard was fairly gentle apart from a few hours of sideways snow, which was when I chose to go out. With an umbrella. All the Canadians I know mocked me. Apparently umbrellas are gauche in snow. Whatever. I wanted to keep my lens dry.

At The Wild Olive, where I bought some sad cilantro, I met Chanel, who was one well dressed dog. She hates the cold, said her owner. Chanel shivered, but perked up when I called her name.

127th under a dusting. We now have very small drifts under a blue and freezing sky.

The temperature in the bedroom is 57'F. The cold bedroom doesn't bother us as we keep the doors to it closed, and we love our warm bed and feather comforter. And I love my hot water bottle. The large main room is quite toasty, with one space heater. Our heating bill is halved, and we are much warmer than last year, this time, when we had the built-in electric heaters on low and the bill set to maximum. 


  1. Snow graces the harsh, doesn't it?

  2. Oh, I love the picture of Chanel and her owner.

  3. Now I feel bad for whining about a storm coming in over the weekend with high temps only 60. Shame on I sat out on my patio in 76 degrees looking at desert perennials getting ready to bloom in February and two buds on a blackberry bush.

  4. Will you be making soup, soon?

  5. Brrrrrr! not sure i could do 57 degrees under any circumstances, but am glad you have a better - and cheaper - situation this year. Stay safe.


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