Friday, December 26, 2014

Ham on toast

Day-after breakfast. Ginger ale ham on toasted cornbread, with all-important coffee. 

The ham recipe is on Page 196 of my book, but I'm going to resurrect it next door on the food blog. No sense in depriving everyone.


  1. Yum. Looking forward to the recipe! Though our oven doesn't work. Hmm. We got some Ham from Honey Baked Ham, just enough for 2, and it was good and certainly easy!
    Simba's Mom

  2. I made the Ginger Ale Pig, and your recipe for champignons a la Grecque (with local wild fennel and Bay Laurel). I can now understand the tears of joy shed over this roast. It was our New Year'sEve supper, with David Lebovitz' Meyer lemon tart and Northern California bubbly wine. A warm and happy New Year to you and your man!

    1. I'm so glad! Welcome to the ginger ale pig fold :-) Happy New Year to you, too, Lisa.


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