Saturday, December 13, 2014


We really were unplugged. No laptops, no signal.

The Frenchman and I are back in Cape Town after a few days away near the very, very southern tip of Africa.

There was a lot of sky, there were horizons (whose memory is to be hoarded for the dark and enclosed Harlem days to come). There were fragrant dune plants. There were blue cranes whose rough calls in flight gave us a new thing to remember. There was a wide blue tide whose rising and retreating left exposed and hidden a vast sand canvas where flamingos and terns, salty plants, small fish and hermit crabs made daily new watery pictures. There was the sound of surf, always.

It was good, it was not enough, it was more than many have, it was very beautiful.

Thank you Don, for the suggestion.


  1. Sounds magical ... and a good place to heal.

  2. Marie,

    Pictures, PLEASE, to illustrate your poetic prose. I am landlocked and long to see pictures of the sea.


  3. Sounds like a long breath out, taking some hurt with it to the winds... x

  4. Lovely, as is the Cape Peninsula.


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