Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Salad Nicoise

Of course I should have tossed the greens and vegetables in the vinaigrette first and so avoided the sloppy snail trail of dressing over the beans. Oh well.

I found that the yellow cans of tuna, Cento brand, dolphin safe and packed in olive oil, cost $2.50 at Sahadi's. That's pretty unbelievable. At Wholefoods they are double. And tuna in water is just.. horrible. Eat the real thing or not at all.

This Nicoise was composed of beetroot cut into battons, blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes cut in half, arugula, romaine, shallot, chives, a soft hardboiled egg and the tuna. Vinaigrette was a splash of sherry vinegar, sugar and salt dissolved in it, splash of cream, then some olive oil: about 4 parts other ingredients to one of vinegar.

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  1. Ok, but are the dolphins tuna safe? ;-)


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