Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New York Spring: East Village hawthorn

Symbol of hope, healer of broken hearts. Good (or bad) for vampires. Hawthorns are in bloom.

..and, below, just to put the New York in spring! I have read in some literature that hawthorns are considered smelly. I think they smell like flowers. Blossoms. These flies seem to support the notion, though, and perhaps there is something yummy in a hawthorn's scent if you are a fly. Flies are people, too, you know. In the same vein, this spring I have seen the loathed city pigeons eating new buds and shoots in fresh green trees, just like real birds. They looked happy.


  1. Beautiful flowers, ugly fly. How can a thing with wings be so bad looking? ;-)

  2. Can't help thinking of Jeff Goldblum, :-)


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