Friday, March 28, 2008

New York Spring: up and down

This blossom has stalked me for three days consecutively. First I saw it on Rob Jett's blog, then I saw it in person, so to speak, on Fifth Avenue and 10th Streets , east side of the street, two trees in a co-op's garden; then this morning, on an Upper West Side terrace overlooking Central Park...all lonesome in a whiskey barrel. If I do redesign that garden gone-to-ruin, we will certainly save it. Its petals are distinctive...I still don't know what it is, apart from an early-blooming cherry. Prunus whatis???

Every year I notice a flower that seems new. And it is everywhere. One year it was tilia, or linden, whose perfume lingers in the evening streets in mid summer; last year it was Koelreuteria, or Golden raintree, great, yellow balls of summer flowers. This is it for 2008 - the mystery cherry. It's obviously been there all the time, but sometimes we suddenly see something.

Below, the southern side of Sarah D. Roosevelt Park between Christie and Forsyth Streets, facing Delancey. The daffodils at the northern end are still tight buds.


  1. Well, it happened to me too - suddenly noticing a flower that seemed new, I mean. It was last year. I was minding my own business, playing with HDR, and that flower appeared out of nowhere. Gorgeous orange flower. Don't know how I could have missed it for so long... Very rare, that might be it. But now that I've seen it once, its beauty and fragrance never go away. ;-)


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