Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Real Kikoi

This is for Lisa: this is a real kikoi. The white thing you saw me wearing after I'd taken a shower in Chicago, oops, I mean Oak Park, was simply a Turkish bathsheet, but I think I blasphemed and called it a kikoi. Anyway, another Turkish bathsheet is on its way to you via FedEx...This one is my hightech sunscreen for the mornings when the sun blasts my cubbyhole. It's like being in the old country, though. Not bad.


  1. OK, how fantastic is it to go to your friend's blog not even knowing that she had a blog and then see your name there. Mentioning a turkish bathsheet with my name on it. I am wearing it now, looking too good for Oak Park. I'm going to have to move.

    Come back and visit when you can. I will do the same, hopefully this summer.

  2. You're wearing it as you write? Now you're just teasing me! You must come with me on the next trip to Istanbul. Leaving that scented little shop at the end of the bazaar without bags and bags of linen and cotton towels is IMpossible. Is that before or after we do the Airstream tour?



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