Friday, November 11, 2016

Sunchoke soup

You'll find my recipe for sunchoke soup on Gardenista. I loved my sunchoke aka Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) plants; one of the most interesting crops I have grown. And, for the record, neither the Frenchman and I have been affected by the alleged (f)articoke syndrome. Cooking them in water fixes that. In case you are AFRAID!

Don't be. They are delicious. And in shops and markets now. Assuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

We have not actually had much appetite, lately. But soup is acceptable.

You can also drown yourself in it if it gets too much.


  1. I'd like to drown somebody in that soup, not necessarily myself.

  2. I think I remember you saying that you guys don't have a TV, so I'm not sure if you're familiar with "A Chef's Life" on PBS. Vivian Howard came back to Kinston, NC and opened The Chef and The Farmer and PBS has been following her now for 4 seasons. Anyway, it you go online and find episode 8, she shows some different and unusual recipes for sunchokes. Plus, I had no idea how long it took for them to grow before they could be harvested.

    In later episodes you might even see my cousin, Brian, who is her chef de cuisine. He'll be the really tall blonde guy with the beard.

    1. I am not familiar - will look for it (I watch Netflix or streaming). Our sunchokes were planted in November and harvested in October...

  3. I am still wearing black, and feel such a deep sadness...

  4. soup is fine and warming, but this is a time for stiff, numbing cocktails.


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