Saturday, March 12, 2016

The writing on the wall

The changeable giant wall ads beside the 3rd Street Bridge spanning the Gowanus Canal are painted by hand. We have often wondered, the Frenchman insisting theywere painted, but me swearing they were stuck on, in sheets (if I'd visited Colossal Media's website earlier that would have settled the argument).

We see them when we walk back and forth on our way to Whole Foods, where we shop every week or two (mostly for a limited palette of: affordable organic chicken, local greens and those New Jersey tulips - on sale today, three bunches in tight bud for $12).

The picture above was taken with my new phone, a very generous gift from the Frenchman who gives presents on his birthday. I am very happy with it - an Android again, the super-smart Samsung Galaxy S7. There is now minimal difference between it and its iPhone peers (which I always lusted after, but no longer), and now the Samsung's camera is arguably better - so it won the coin toss.


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