Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Delicious dandelions

Dandelion season is in the offing in the Northen Hemisphere (try digging the young, undeveloped shoots and entire crowns, now - quite Belgian endive-like). But they are in full production here at the southern tip of Africa, in the early autumn. I hoisted some from my mom's aloe garden, where they volunteer in abundance.

Ironically, it is Harlem supermarkets that have accustomed me to their mature bitterness; they are always in stock in enormous bunches.

For these substantial lunch bruschette I crisped some bacon, deglazed the hot pan with a splash of sherry vinegar, threw in the dandelion leaves till wilted (adding a pinch of sugar), then piled everything with not-quite-hard-boiled-eggs onto toasted sourdough rubbed with garlic.

What's in dandelions? Loads of overlooked Vitamin K (bone, brain and vascular health), lots of A, and plenty of C.

Eat up!

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