Thursday, February 19, 2015

IQ Elite is phishing

Quick public service message.

If you receive an email saying that your friend (a name you recognize) has left a message for you on IQ Elite, DO NOT click any link in the email. Do not click Read Your Message.

Report it as phishing or as spam, and delete.

Your friend sent you nothing, but has had his or her address book compromised. The scam asks you to do a personality test and then to confirm your username and password. If you're not thinking you'll give them access to your account and our address book.

Very similar to the Infoaxe phishing emails.


  1. I never open *anything* that I don't know exactly what it is. With all the press this sort of spam has gotten, I can't believe people still fall for it. Too bad.

  2. If the folks who spend their time coming up with all this pfishing, and scamming, and hacking would turn half that time to creating useful things that would help other people, imagine how wonderful the Internet could be. am so tired of all the crappy stuff.

  3. pretty sure the reason they send phishing emails is because they don`t have what it takes to work on something better in the first place.


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