Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An artist heads west

Prospect Park, Frank Meuschke

It is 2014's end and my friend Frank is leaving town. It's epic.

Long Island native, Brooklyn resident and side-gardener, garlic farmerNew York City blogger, landscape painter. The real deal.

Out of here.

I found Frank's blog, NYC Garden a long time ago, in the infancy of my own blogging. We both started in 2007 (here is Frank's first post) and it is the rare blog I have read ever since. A staple. It is the only blog of which I am aware (er, aside from this one), that consistently chronicles daily life in this city.

His regular updates, his subject matter - essentially New York, but broken into flower gardening, vegetable gardening, food-lovingurban gardening, in-depth gardening analysis, environmental awareness, exploration of places I don't know, observation of, participation in and witness to local events - be they cultural, commercial or climactic  his writing style, his photography all held my attention and brought me back for more.

The road to the garlic farm

Frank will go on writing, I have no doubt, from the depths of the Midwest where he and his artist-wife Betsy are heading.

The hinterland calls them for many reasons, I am sure, but New York City is not kind to artists. Stratospheric rents, the quality-of-life compromises one makes to live in affordable space, the need for and complications of good studio space. The New York Times says art is not dead in the city, but the same city is hemorrhaging its creative talent. I know so many who have left.

The rest of the country will benefit.

Hudson Clove at the New Amsterdam Market

These moves require great courage, and I admire Frank and Betsy's grit.

Goodbye, Frank - and thank you.
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