Saturday, March 8, 2014

This kitchen

Does anyone else's gas range do this spooky thing, on High? Tendrils of flame curling around the pot.

The heat seems dispersed along with the flame. When I want High I, want High. HIGH. And no, I don't leave it like this when it behaves badly; I turn it back down to a point where it behaves as it should.

The flame does not always come on when one lights it electrically, by turning the knob. Half the time one must start it with a clicker/firelighter. That, too, is annoying, when one is juggling things and does not have a free hand to do the lighting thing. I work fast and with a short fuse, in the kitchen.


The range is as clean as I can get it. I asked our landlord if we could take the top off, but it seems firmly stuck. So who know what's going on under there.

In better news, it's Day Two of the 127th Street sourdough starter and the bubbles look great, already. It has had one feeding. Next week there will be bread, made with our very own wild Harlem yeast!

(It was nice knowing ye...)

If you'd like to make your own sourdough starter - if you haven't already; I realize I am late to this party - I used The Kitchn's post by Emma Christensen as reference.

[Update: my sourdough baking is off to a rocky start. I'd recommend a lot more reading. And the use of this method: King Arthur flour.]


  1. I tried and tried all winter to get some sourdough starter going with no luck. There just isn't a warm enough spot in our kitchen. Inside our electric oven with the light left on eventually gets too hot. You've encouraged me to give it another go.

    1. Well, I may have the same problem. My first loaves from today were the proverbial flop. Did not rise well. I am realizing that this sourdough business takes some getting used to, and much investigation.

      Finding this site helpful:

  2. Sometimes it helps to clean the round metal things with the holes in them that the gas comes out of. Also make sure they are firmly in place.

  3. My gas range has a high powered burner. When I made stock a few months ago in a large diameter pot, I discovered half way through the process that the butcher block counter top next to the burner had gotten charred when I was bringing it to a simmer. I now slide a folded up piece of foil between the stove and the counter to prevent further damage when I'm using the HIGH heat. So watch out for that. Something's definitely not right with your burner. What Jen said is the only thing I would suggest, other than getting the landlord to fix it.

    Nancy Mc

  4. INSIST on getting the stove looked at! You could have a regulator problem, which is not to be fooled with. srsly.

    1. Absolutely! It needs to be dealt with by a qualified gas fitter.

  5. We have an electric stove so I have no helpful hints, but it does seem worrisome. As for the short-fuse in the kitchen....I'm working hard to get over that part as there are things in the kitchen designed to make me scream :-)

  6. out here in CA our gas and electric is supplied by PG&E. We can call them to come out and look at our range if the gas is acting weird - they can adjust it if that is all it needs. If it needs repair we have to call a qualified plumber to do that. Will your gas supplier come take a look?


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