Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waddup widda rosemary, yo?

Is it Red Hook or is it the rosemary?

It is mid-January. This we know.

Two different rosemary plants, both in bloom. One in a community garden, above, one on a brownstone, stoop, below. Both in Red Hook. Which is actually chilly, because it's the near the water. When it's not under the water, of course. 

Yesterday was colder than it has been for a week, which was reassuring. I walked to Fort Defiance and met my botanist friend, Marielle, there for lunch. I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, which seemed about right. She told me of her family's plans to go to Vermont in February to show her two little boys snow. Her eldest is four and does not remember it.

Snowcation. The way forward.

I have been eyeing a cabin in the Catskills, after our friends BonBon and Quasar rented it and liked it. They went snowshoeing. I know. It's not going to happen. It could, though. It's complicated.

Perhaps I should check on my roof rosemary. Since "Bobby" arrived to patch our leaks - if his given name is really Bobby I'll eat the roof membrane; I think "Bobby" was simply what he decided his American audience could deal with - I have not been back up there. Scared, really. Bobby looked with incredulity at Raccoon House's roof, next door, and said, Pipple libs dear? Yes, I said, Pipple libs dear. He wasn't too complimentary about our roof, either. No one has offered to repair our water-damaged closet below. Tick, tick, tick. Maybe I wrote this book just in time.


A bit fell off Raccoon house the other day...

But back to the rosemary. I suppose it thinks it's spring.


  1. I wonder if "Bobby" the roofer reads your blog?
    It's like when you call and "Justin" from India answers the phone.....

    My rosemary bush is doing beautifully in the garage this winter, and I still have parsley, sage, & thyme!
    Isn't that a song? :)

    1. I bet Bobby doesn't. But there's always a chance.

      And I bet your rosemary will be fine in the ground...I see a lot of mature bushes doing very well through winters, even though I was taught that they are too tender.

  2. No no, it doesn't think its spring! Remember your days in NM, when the rosemary would bloom in January. Cold nights and 50-60 degree days. The creeping stuff they had all over campus would be blooming as I went to register for classes.

    I've been watching the rosemary bloom at the Ft Tilden gardens in winter for three years now, snow or not. A winter bloomer I say!

    1. Really!? I don't remember rosemary in NM :-)And it was summer. But I'm trying to think of my mom's rosemary, now...when does it bloom?

  3. Rosemary is a winter bloomer in Oregon as well.

  4. Mine is not blooming, but have been ground planted and survived 4 winters so far, along with my sage, thyme, lemon verbenium, and chive

  5. Can't believe i just walked to look at the rosemary, which is not currently in bloom. It has started to
    snow, tho.

  6. Well, go figure. Rosemary (if it blooms)seems to bloom in early winter.

    I. Did. Not. Know.


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