Sunday, January 20, 2013

Neither here nor there

The ugly days of half measures.

If the weatherpersons are to believed the temperature will drop 20 degrees, soon. It's a nasty day, a nagging wind, an overly silver sky, and the terrace's leaves rustling and rattling and neither dead nor alive. There are still green leaves on the Abraham Darby rose, and the crass daylight carcasses of the Christmas lights. One blue pansy, and some white and half-reddened strawberries. The next few days will take care of those.

Soon, sub-sub-freezing. Winter, at last.


  1. We should have 2 nights in the 20s in the next few days. I have snowdrops up though-- buds although not blooms. Three have decided it is time to reject winter. When my seed order arrives I will need to start my cobaea that will live with my new sweet autumn clematis. Spring is on the way. The only thing I have left to order is a rose scented geranium. Currently it has no spot on the balcony, but don't tell it that. I am sure I can shuffle.

  2. When I returned from providence, I realized the tree pit mums are still blooming.

    It was quite a sunny nice day in RI, but for the wind, and a tall wind screening building could make it picnic worthy.

    Alas, 56 to 26 in 15 hours is a little rough on the senses.

  3. I like this lone blue pansy, it looks so nice and peaceful. Greetings from snowy Poland!

  4. Limbo for the garden. It's been snowing here for days, the temperature not getting above -2 in the day and dipping down to -11 some nights. My table in the garden, where I take breakfast on more temperate days, is topped with 7 inches of the white stuff. All very pretty. Roll on Spring...


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