Sunday, May 11, 2008

Music to design a mad garden by...

I can't embed the code (not allowed), so you'll have to click:

Ophelia's Mad Scene from Thomas' Hamlet, Joan Sutherland, c. 1960. It's probably better to listen to Joanie than to watch her...


  1. I love the window shot. It's Greece meets Puerto Rico. Via New York!

  2. Yes it's not often you see the meltng pot in what passes for our architecture.

  3. I love The Sheltering Sky! The movie is not bad either. Cons

  4. Cons - yes, I was thinking about what you said about their relationship, about remaining myseries to each other...I've just finished it and feel a bit shattered. I read for about 2 hours last night into the wee morning with the wind shrieking overhead. And all that heat and sky and her locked up in a little room refusing the world. Dios mio.

  5. Miseries or mysteries? :-)


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