Friday, May 30, 2008

Catnip no mas

Remember the catnip a little while ago, like, last week?

Well, here it was a day or so ago. Faded, most of its flowers dried, it succumbed to my sharp scissors. The faster it is cut back the faster it will grow and bloom again, but it felt pretty brutal.

Bald. Like Shirley MacLaine in hospital in Postcards from the Edge. At least Meryl came to glue on her false eyelashes.

And then I felt worse (woiss). A little honeybee came flying over the pots and circled where the catnip had been. Really! Then it found my bunch, in my hand, and started to collect nectar. It was thorough. After I laid the bunch down it stayed, inspecting every viable, tiny flower while the cat stared suspiciously. I should have left the flowers longer for the bees. El Gato had a great time though. You can see him here. High as a kite


  1. Wow, the bee shot is surreal! Very nice! :-)

  2. Thank you. There were a lot of blurry bee pics before this one!


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