Sunday, March 23, 2008

Returning to the carbon footprint

Kiwi berries, at Wholefoods last week. $5 for a little punnet, but I had to. Tiny, smooth-skinned, ripe, sweet, gobbled them up in under two minutes. New Zealand, of course.

I wish I knew what variety of Actinidia they are. Kiwi vines are hardy in New York and I have them planted on terraces: Actinidia kolomikta. They, too, are supposed to fruit, providing there are males and females, but so far no. Possibly not mature enough. More research needed.


  1. They look beautiful. Please keep me posted about the fruiting thing. Do you think the small variety wuld work in CT or not cold enough? We had the big ones growing on our smallholding (Helderberg) and it was MASSES of leaves and rampant vine and f...ol fruits. Guess we were sold 2 of the same sex after all...

  2. Ja,I will be investigating. I don't know that they need cold, but then perhaps I assume too much about their NZ/Kiwi (the story of how they got their name is VERY interesting) climate. Maybe they needs possums to pollinate them and sheep to warm them at night?


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