Saturday, March 1, 2008

Keeping trim

I have this habit of wanting something crunchy before dinner. Usually it takes the form of crackers and French feta and olives, a sliver of pate, or slices of dry sausage...

But! - having seen that the light at the end of the tunnel* that is life is drawing near at a theatening rate, one has mended one's ways, at least for the time being, to extend the trip.

This is my version of slimfast, then.

[*Ed. OK - since two VIP's have asked in quick succession what I mean by the light at the end of the tunnel, and Is something wrong, and Is everything alright...I'm sorry. Nothing is wrong. Touch wood. I just mean...Actually, all I mean is the going is very good, and I want to keep going well and happily for as long as possible. And that involves eating a lot of crunchy green things. Or just go ahead and read the dark things into it, of course they always lurk, of course, but that's the point of staying moving.]


  1. Ag no! Sure its elegant and slim, and healthy and all, but where's the diversity of textures, colours and flavours? I hope this is a temporary lapse cannot live on crunch alone....

  2. Not JUST peas! ..and that's just a snack.


    peas = crunchy + green + sweet
    champagne = bubbly + smooth + yeasty/buttery



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