Sunday, October 21, 2007

Africana* from the Southern Tip

The Rugby World Cup, now WON by the Springboks, gave, some interesting images.

The act above could be described as a Boknaai.

...and a friend of a friend...our own calender girl, posing before the match...

Africana: materials, such as books, documents, or art objects, relating to the history or culture of African peoples


  1. - Uh, mommy, what is the antelope doing?

    - Don't look, my darling, that's, uh, how they keep up with foreign affairs down there. Diplomats, you know?

    - Really? I want to be a diplomat when I grow up.

    [Mother chokes]

    - Or maybe a rugby player. Mom, do rugby players also know about diplomacy?

    - Oh yeah, they practise it all the time on the field, and then their fans draw about it.

    - Mom, the dog doesn't look happy.

    - Son, diplomacy is not always the easy way out. Or in.

  2. And when the rugby players are bad, they go to Kamp Staaldraad to learn to become diplomats...

  3. Hey, I actually heard about that. Not their finest moment, I guess. By the way ROTFLIV meant Rolling On The Floor Laughing In Vancouver, I have to face my jury.

  4. Hmm. I will have to deliver punishment for hiding behind obscure geekspeak in person. I have just bought new black patent leather boots, you know.

  5. Oh, sorry...that's Whippin' Up A Storm In Black Patent Leather Boots.

  6. And then the sky cracked open and thunder rolled over the city briefly illuminated by lightning, as the rain fell hard at the command of a pair of black leather boots. And the geek stood in the rain, humbled and mesmerized. These were a fine pair of boots, powerfully worn by the nicest legs on the planet... ;-)

    My god, this is Harlequin stuff! ;-) LOL. I must have a fever.

  7. For a geek you clean up real good, son!

  8. oh GAWD!!!! I'm glad Keith doesn't have a blog, or the two of us would be just like the two of you.


  9. Whatever...:-)

    Is he not allowed to leave comments on your blog???

  10. Jislaaik!

    Wat de dingess doen die Springbok met die Britse Bulhond? Sies!

    15-6 'n goeie Boknaai!!

  11. Chris, what do you mean like the two of us? Charming and witty, or obnoxious and cheesy? ;-)


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