Friday, August 31, 2007

The Stuff of Poems

The Gardener

The noble and corrupt
core of me
the waterer
in awe of flowers

if I were tied
deprived of tools and garden
kept on pills
held down to gaze upon myself

would the core hold
confess, redeem
might it just cease


  1. I sense just about as much corruption in that core as I do in a perfect orange-red sunset. And I think your garden is life itself, so I wouldn't worry about ever being tied, you'll always have flowers to water...

    Now was that too candid? I also considered "OH Marie, thou are..." but it sounded a little pompous... ;-)

  2. :-)))

    ...and the chances of you sounding pompous are about as slim as those of a dolphin looking cumbersome???


  3. HA yourself! You never met Jojo, Turks & Caicos permanent resident Tursiop troncatus, who used to show up with 2 inches deep cuts on his back from playing too close to boat props... ;-)

  4. Ow....Shame! So they became cumbersome? Not their fault they got chopped...OW!

  5. They? LOL Are we talking about the same thing here? ;-)

    Here's the link:

    And I forgot an "s" after Tursiops. ;-) Crazy dolphin if you ask me. I've never seen another dolphin hit anything it didn't want to hit...

    Sorry for the digression... It started with a poem...

  6. Oh dear. It's my geographic, er...density.

    I thought there were three dolphin: #1: Jojo,#2: Turks, and the third Caicos.




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