Monday, August 20, 2007

Missive from Marijke

[An African snowman]

"Pfffttttt! [I think that means she's tired]I've just returned from the Hex river Traverse - a 3.5 day 'hike' in the most amazingly beautiful and rugged area between Worcester and Waaihoek. Lots of snow and craggy, rocky stony, vertigenous peaks and canyons.
I came to within an inch of my life - slipped on snow at the top of a steep gully and fell 50m until I slammed into some rocks - luckily feet first, and absolutely no damage except for snow burn on my arms. Can't believe my luck.

[damn, must have got a huge skrik. I'm very glad you're still here]

Anyway we had excellent weather, lots of fun and the others had snow fights and made a snow man.

Day Two - if you look at the extreme right of the pic there are two peaks (shaped like boobs[36C?]) - I fell in the snowy line near the top of the cleavage. Actually it's called Mount Brodie.

Day Three - if you check the frosted peak on the left - we walked all along those grey montains to where I was standing in 6 hours.

Fonteintjiesberg - named after these little seeps - aren't they beautiful?

Feel free to post these pics - I'm so proud of the amazing beauty we have here and that we made it through!"


  1. What a beautiful country...

  2. And that's not the half of it...

    You should come and visit sometime...:-)))


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