Sunday, August 5, 2007

Litter or Flowers?

It was supposed to be a romantic view of life in the city: bicycle basket with echinacea, about to go downtown and to Brooklyn, dodging moh-lasses-like pedestrians (I've discovered that it is those who are ambulatory who are the Enemy). But it's a picture of a dirty street.

Actually, the ride with plant was fun. A small group of Japanese tourists burst into smiles as I passed. Riding a bike gives you a sense of intimacy that I have not found walking. People are much less shy to approach you. You'd think it would be the opposite, but it's a bit like having a puppy. At the far end of the BBridge, where bikes congregate before crossing the stream of traffic, impromptu war stories are exchanged regarding this most recent passage home.

My sundresses and their romance are beginning to pall. Enough with the flowers and frills (actually, I don't know when last a frill touched my body...eeeugh). I find myself looking longingly at my jeans folded up in the old Deco chest of drawers, at my tall boots, and my favourite cream cashmere turtleneck, with two moth holes. I want the cold weather back.


  1. Interesting. I always thought echinacea were little flowers shaped like capsules... ;-)

    Anyway, I miss my cold weather clothes too. Bah, the way this summer is going, I'll be wearing them in 3 weeks.

  2. Funny.

    You're having a different summer. Vancouver sounds (and looks, from your pictures) gorgeous, though.

  3. I know what you mean about clothes and weather. I'm LOVING the winter here in CT. We've had loads of rain (dams are 92% full) - even a couple of mini hail storms! and snow on the distant mountains - and every now and again glorious sunny days at 20 C which lift the spirit. Today the weather turned cold and wet - I lit my wood stove at noon (damn still no firelighters, so it involves coaxing logs into fire with balls and balls and more balls of newspaper); made some cauliflower soup and settled in for the afternoon and evening. House is cosy warm now. LOve it.
    I loved your comment about people and bikes - so true!


    Hoessit, Bokkie??

    Hey, will you be available for dinner in Cape Town that week before P'fontein, or are you going to be up here all the time as it's your month? I guess I should email you. Duh


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