Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kruger National Park Tussle, via YouTube


This was for Estorbo's blog, but I stole it after watching it all. Apart from the footage, the characters behind the camera are worthwhile: there's Frank the rather dof ranger (for me, so many thousands of miles from South Africa, and not realizing how much I miss its sounds, it is priceless to hear Frank say first about a lion, on his radio, She's just klapped a buffalo! and then, to to the lion, You better RUN, my China!), the hot potato Englishwoman, a chirpy South African lady, and...the American with the Camera.

We used to go to Kruger when we were little. It is the size of Switzerland. The rewards for my brothers Anton and Francois and me, were 50c for a lion, a cheetah or a leopard, 20c for elephants, rhinos and hippos, and I think 5c for springbok*, kudu etc. I think this kept us quiet in the backseat and busy spotting instead of killing each other...

* See comments for tongue-lashing, er, corrections


  1. Ag Shame, Marie - you obviously did not get much money for spotting Springbok in Kruger as they only occur in the semi-desert regions, such as the Karoo. You must have made a packet spotting Impala though!

  2. Ag nee, Marie!
    The Americanisation of Ms Viljoen continues. Arme Bokkies.

  3. You're in my comments box!!! Yeeha! Does this indicate a trend? Crack some champagne for me (sniff, I have none...). No springbok you say. Really? I must have been thinking (theenkeen') of impala. I was little!

    On behalf of Americanized, Autralized, New Zealandized, Canadised, Englandised and Hong Kongized Safricans everywhere, I apologize.

    Send biltong.

  4. Hey - this sounds like it's not to be missed. But the video clip doesn't show up here - is it only my pc?

  5. Hm. Do you have DSL? High speed?


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