Friday, August 17, 2007


Now the lawn is missing...


  1. The lawn might be missing but the lamppost tree grew very fast... I know Google's views are outdated, but since I hold them in the highest esteem and owe them so much, I have faith, the satellite must be headed that way... ;-)

  2. Oh Shit!

    Maybe this was all supposed to be a homecoming surprise, and now the pesky Louw's have blown it ....

    Henri will be after us with his Mole Exterminator. Watch this space.

  3. Hi, don't worry. I knew something was in the offing. But I like this method of fact-gathering.
    Wouldn't it be funny to put a mole in one of his Jags?...just a thought.

    Hello Vince...the Google satellite is very obliging in coming reeeeally close to your house in Vancouver. It's biased.


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