Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here and There, and There

Jetstreams, crossing.

How many places can one's head be at the same time? Looking out at our cool NY weather today I found some interesting clouds, and wondered whether they had anything to do with Hurricane Dean right now on top of Jamaica, about which I'm thinking because the Caymans lie beyond it and next in the hitline, and lately I've taken to thinking about them too.

And then I found in my Inbox some updated surveillance pictures from the cul-de-sac in Constantia, Cape Town.

Where, the spy wondered, were they going in the chariot? To lunch, certainly but where?

Answer! Harbour House in Kalk Bay. Plus an English/Zambian couple, the English part of whom my dad worked with in Lesotho. And they drank three bottles of wine! And they saw whales in False Bay, from the windows of the restaurant. I love that place. By far my favourite in Cape Town...Delicious fish. One of the loveliest views in the world. I wish I'd been there.

I lifted this off their website. Which is bad. The website, I mean. How, with this location, can one manage to have such BAD photos??? Odd.

Ah... I had no idea. Welcome to South Africa. Herr Goebbels, points out the spy, has upped his security, it seems. Dude, all they'd need is wire cutters, man. I maintain that the houses with zero walls are the safest. T-t-t.

The spy couldn't help itself. It spied on its own view of the sunrise over the greenbelt's mist. Hmmm.

A small suggestion for the spy. A spyblog.


  1. Wow, thanks for the thought, I was just posting about Dean too... It's looking rough for Jamaica but a little better for the Cayman Islands than yesterday, as the track has shifted a touch to the south...

  2. Mmm - thank you for the memory of Harbour House. I went there last year on my last night in St James, with Trevor and Huwi's missis. We had cocktails on the terrace with friends before we ate and I wanted to stay in Kalk Bay for ever. Fabulous food, fabulous views - but you are absolutely right about the website photos!

  3. Hello Dianne!

    Kalk Bay's lovely, isn't it? Yes, and I do love HHouse. When will you visit again?? I'll tempt you with more pictures when I'm there soon...

    Good morning, Vince!

    The satellite still shows south, but south enough?


  4. I'm hoping to go back next March, Marie. It doesn't take much to tempt me back to Kalk Bay or Harbour House . . .

    Hope you have a great trip home.

  5. March - you're very wise. I tend to be there Dec/Jan, which arehot, obviously(not that I mind) but also a bit windy. I think April may be my favourite time, when the air is like especially fine-moussed champagne or sparkling wine (Clairette de Die,for example, not to be overly specific or anything)...


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