Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Times, Skyhigh

The garden where we'll do the CBC interview next week. I went up there with (gardener) Joe at lunchtime today to check it out, to see what might need tweaking, and to take some pictures. Very little tweaking needed, he's done a superb job looking after it. It was a little misty, with some drizzle, still humid, but you kind of had the sense of an approaching Fall up there. September is nearly upon us.

I. Can't. Wait.

Buddliea, one of the best-scented flowering shrubs around. Restricted to pots it's fine, but can become an invasive pest, here. Whoah. I'm confusing blogs. I'm thinking this is the Holly, Wood and Vine blog. Nope. It's mine. Oh. It's still one of the best-scented shrubs around! When I was little in Bloemfontein, I picked a flowerhead from an overhanging buddleia bush on Paul Roux Street, to take to my mother as a present, and was chased by a very irate lady, to whom my mother, the recipient of the gift, was not very sympathetic. Now in Constantia my mom has the species buddliea, with much more modest, but more heavily scented, cream flowers, at the bottom of the garden overhanging a birdbath. I don't think she appreciated the uplimbing/pruning job I did last year. Sorry Mommy...I still think it looks, um, elegant.

A 75 year old bonsai Ficus. Very happy. It is taken indoors every winter. I really like it. I wonder what it would think of the 30 foot Ficus growig next to the Guy and Jay's driveway in the cul-de-sac in Cape Town? At night you can hearing little clicking sounds as those small fruit drop onto the bricks, and intruders are (hopefully) given away by the scrunching of the tiny dried figs underfoot...

Crappy view. Someone has to look at it.

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  1. What a shame. Poor people have to look at THAT view every day? Ugh, I do not envy them.


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