Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blame Canada!

I've been negotiating a potential interview for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) - they caught the NBC interview with my weird accent and wanted to include Holly, Wood and Vine in a show called Garden Confidential, for their Confidential series described as "a cultural anthology for the modern age, each featuring a cultural obsession."

An Obsession? they should ask me about picnics. Or...Canadians. Dudes, I'll show you obsession.

Anyway, it's been a challenge to find the right garden. Of course I was an idiot and showed them pictures of one with a money shot of the Empire State Building, so of course they would look no further, despite some others where the gardens are actually more minutely detailed and special. So, money shot it is.

Now what do I do about the rug that is my hair?


  1. Well, let us see the rug and maybe we can tell you... I picture a fine Persian rug worth a lot more than you seem to think but I have been known to be biased... ;-)

  2. No rug pictures. Also I can't complain about it any more because I'm beginning to irritate people (hi Chris). A solution will be found. Like a buzzcut.


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