Saturday, May 13, 2023

How to revive lilacs

Lilacs, waiting for friends to come to Friday supper. 

I bought the bunches at the Union Square farmers market on Wednesday, and, true-to-lilac-form, they wilted fast. Yesterday, to try and save my investment, I re-cut them, removed all the greenery, and submerged them entirely in a deep basin of water for about three hours. They perked up! Then, post supper-prep, I cruised the neighborhood, where the first roses have begun to open, and picked up some wonderful fruit tarts (Ladybird Bakery), an outstanding baguette (Winner NYC),  cold wine (Big Nose, Full Body), and locally-made gin (Windsor Wine Merchants).

Thank you, Brooklyn.


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  1. Thanks for this. Mine - well, the neighbor-next-door-who-ignores-them's - are just starting to bud out. I never cut them because of the short vase-life. Will try this in hopes of keeping them for a day or two this year.

  2. Marie - when you get the fresh lilacs home, smash about four inches of the stems, put them in deep warm water.

  3. Yes they do wilt quickly. I add sugar to very cold water it also works.


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