Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August's end

It seems sudden, the arrival of the night. But the evenings are evenings, again. This is 7.39pm on Monday. Supper not on the table, yet.  Raccoons not yet on the rooves. 

The chimney swifts are aloft earlier.  The cricket chorus adds new members, nightly. The trees vibrate with the zeal of cicadas. The tropical plants are all at their happiest, not realizing that in two months they may be indoors, again. 

In the dark, I can no longer see the dozens of tiny buds on the (hardy) tea plants. I don't know if they will bloom in autumn or early spring (they are Camellias, after all). And I have harvested my first, green tea, from new shoots.

I think I have seen night hawks, from the terrace. I hope they come back. At night, before I go to sleep, I learn the Latin and Greek names of birds. It's hard. These night hawks might be Chordeiles minor. I have to make up ways to remember. So I say, these night hawks strike a minor chord. Chord...eiles...minor. But it works. Some birds are easy. Blue jay is Cyanocitta cristata. The etymology is beautiful.

And here comes Labor Day. 

There is a walk, then, to say goodbye to summer, at Dead Horse Bay. If you're coming, booking is via the link below.


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  1. Love your terrace lights! Ours - sadly - didn't get hung and now Mitchell thinks it's too late. We got "hangers" and rearranged the furniture in the spring and then discovered the outlet wasn't working any more. You know how long it takes to get an electrician, so it was late July by the time they arrived and repaired and replaced. We do have a long fall - usually - so I may yet get them up for a few weeks.

    Anyway, your terrace is its normal inviting self ... making me long to sit with you and just enjoy. Best to all.

    1. Hi Win! I say string them. It's not too late. Even though I know it's a bother. But they create such a cosy atmosphere, even you're looking at them from the inside. I leave them up, year round. We really like sitting outside even when the weather is cold.


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