Monday, March 1, 2021

Plant Walk at Historic Green-Wood

Spring catkins by Marie Viljoen                                                                                                        

See the Trees Walk

Green-Wood Cemetery

7 March 2021, 12pm - 2.30pm


The snow has melted! Join me this Sunday in the beautiful arboretum that is historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. On our late winter walk our focus will be on trees and buds, and we will identify some of the many edible parts that trees offer in this and other seasons. It's fair to say we will see some interesting edible weeds underfoot, too, like chickweed and ground ivy, just getting ready for spring. We will also learn to identify plants in disguise, like the winter skeletons of pokeweed, mugwort, and tara-no-me (I'll explain!). 

The weather will be in the mid-40's but chilly. We will sip a non-alcoholic hot toddy where fresh fir, gingery magnolia and honeysuckle cordial will warm you. 

Masks are mandatory and $5 per ticket will be donated to Green-Wood. Our meeting point will be at the Prospect Park West entrance. More details will be emailed upon sign up.

Fully Booked

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