Monday, February 1, 2021

Yuzu kitchen


While the snow falls and the wind screeches cinematically around corners, we wait. In the kitchen yuzu (Citrus junos) skins are soaking in a jar of gin, slices of yuzu are macerating with sugar to make a fragrant syrup (it's destined for stirring into hot black tea, and maybe a few other things, too), and a little basket of candied yuzu pith - a gift from my friend Kiyoko - keep the last of the yellow tulips company. 

It is citrus season.

The guavas on the kitchen island must be cooked (with juniper, and yes, yuzu peel). And the pine cones are a long story.

The candied yuzu is addictively good, and I don't really have a sweet tooth. It's just the pith - that spongy layer between zest and pulp, which in this species is highly fragrant. This pretty little basket represents a lot of work.


Forage, Harvest, Feast - A Wild-Inspired Cuisine

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  1. Yum, indeed! And, an aside...the cute little baskets appear to be fashioned from the bamboo "bark" Japanese printmakers use on their barens, the tools used to exert printing pressure.
    Love that yellow!


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