Friday, November 8, 2019

Daylight no more

With the new, early-dark afternoons, our ritual of drinks on the terrace around 6pm has come to a close.  It is dark at 4.30pm. Which is just silly. It is also - suddenly - very cold. But we have been known to tough it out for the pleasure of sitting outside.

But this was our last hurrah. In the foreground is a delicious combination of gin, my own cassis (made with summer's black currants, which I later dried), with ume syrup and Thai lime juice from our trees (now wintering in the sunny bedroom).

The seedpods belong to Magnolia grandiflora, my foraging and flavor experiment.


  1. We'll have more warm evenings. Remember how fickle fall is! Milton loves to put on something fuzzy and take his cocktail out onto the porch to just enjoy the moon and stars and listen to the city quiet down (I know, yours never does!) and the night critters start moving around. (since they cut down most of the woods and grew a new neighborhood there's less of the latter now.) You'll find yourselves out there again ... and again.


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