Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Columbus Day Walk

Origins and Consequences Walk
Prospect Park
14 October, 11am - 1.30pm

Once upon a time Columbus discovered America.  Or did he? Oh, dear...

It was here all the time, of course.

Filled with indigenous peoples and plants. In the wake of European settlement unfamiliar plants appeared, and began to alter the botanical landscape.

Use this federal holiday celebrating Columbus (and was he Italian or Portuguese, anyway?) to come and meet and celebrate the delicious native plants of the Northeast, learn some of the traditional ways of using them, and discover the exotic and useful plants that have naturalized here. Our wild-inspired picnic will feature native American ingredients (think fermented, dried serviceberries), as well as Portuguese treats (pastéis de nata, anyone?), reinterpreted with native and invasive ingredients.

Please bring your opinions. There may even be a food fight.

Walk Complete


  1. If you promise to bring your little friend (above), too ... i might jump on the train and come. If only ...

  2. Can this digital medium please stop altering history.Still here for the plants.

    1. What is being altered? And what is the history? If you are here for the plants you will be interested in their context and origins. Discussion is no reason to feel threatened.

  3. You misunderstood. I thought you were making a humorous remark about how quickly digital media allows for the alteration of historical facts. (He was Italian but had his voyages funded by whoever was financially interested to do so). E.g. Depending on when you look at wiki, the entry will change.

    Learning about plants from an expert like you is refreshing. Why would I feel threatened? Please explain.


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