Saturday, September 22, 2018

On the move

Ten days ahead of our move a plant party was thrown. In terms of garden space we are downsizing from a ground floor's 1,000 square feet (if that is confusing read the About page for this blog, all is explained) to a top floor's 100 square foot terrace.

For drinks we had chilled prosecco poured onto a dash of common milkweed gin (made from fermented common milkweed flower cordial and gin).  And nice Brooklyn tapwater with wisteria ice cubes.


(Ones with ribbons are my keepers.)



Thirty nice people came and went and most plants went out the door to new homes. Heavy pots and plants are being picked up over the next few days.

Melina made a plum cake. I made bruschetta rubbed with garlic and topped with heirloom tomatoes and garden basil. (Bye-bye, basil!) Radishes and butter for snacking.

And now, back to packing.

To see all stories about this garden, visit the 1st Place BK tag in the sidebar Pigeon Holes.

If you'd like to catch me in the next couple of weeks, I will be giving a talk about Native Flora and Regional Character at The Museum of Food and Drink on October 4th at 6.30pm (you need to book, and tickets are $20) and on the 6th I will be signing copies of Forage, Harvest, Feast at the Union Square Farmer's market.


  1. looking forward to seeing your new space.. i lost my secret garden when i had to move and now have a little space that gets no sun ... sigh . have not done much except water to keep the plants alive in their pots. but will need to make hard decisions before the winter as they wont survive without being transplanted to larger pots and wrapped.. the ground is not good at all for planting. sigh

    1. Very sorry to hear about your changed garden situation. Over time I have learned that more is possible in shade than I had realized, but of course, there are many kinds of shade. I have enjoyed growing sub tropical edibles, very much (some as annuals, like regular ginger), but they do have to come in, in our winters. But there are also lots of plants that can overwinter well in pots without special protection...

  2. I followed you since your 66sq foot terrace and I am continually amazed at the beauty you create. Somehow the idea of you moving to a 100sq foot terrace seems almost like going home again. I can't wait to see the beauty you create.

  3. What time will you be signing books in Union Square?

  4. Missed your last two posts, so did not realized that IT was solved. The new place sounds nice, and the terrace is a third larger than the first one. Hope you will love it! Sorry to have missed the plant party. There's nothing better than a plant that someone has loved and then passed into your keeping to be loved some more.

  5. I look forward to seeing what you do with your 100 sq ft new space! I do think that out of all your gardens, your original 66 sq ft terrace was my favorite, it was so cozy and intimate and those roses, oh my!


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