Friday, July 27, 2018

Purslane - summer succulence

Just a reminder that it is purslane season in this part of the world. And that it is more fun to eat than popping an omega-3 capsule. It is loaded with nutrients.

Find a recipe for purslane gazpacho and a flurry of other ideas in my piece about ways to eat purslane for Gardenista.

And in a fit of craziness (we move within two months) I sowed some more 'Golden' purslane just a week ago.



  1. Looking forward to your new garden. Your gardens have been beautiful in every home you've shared.

  2. I was so excited when I realized we have purslane growing all over here. I live in the San Juaquin Valley. (CA) Anyway, some of it has red this in the same family? And is it ok to eat the tiny yellow blossoms? Thanks!


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